Major Score!

Yesterday I was out estate saling with my girlfriend Lisa, and I got lots of awesome stuff, but the most amazing find was this!


It is a Kissel Electric Spinner and I got it for one dollar!  I know, amazing I said!  So I have been doing some research, and this is what I have learned.  The Kissels of Wisconsin made these in the early 80’s, made about 400 of them, sold them through adds in Spin-off magazine, and were sold for about $60.

Mine works well, it is missing the foot-pedal but I was able to order one off Amazon.  I also ordered some new O-rings for it since the one is looking a little worse for wear.  It was a bit squeaky so I oiled it up and now it is silent!  It only had this one bobbin, but my bobbins from my Lendrum fit it perfectly!  Win there!  I also discovered the simple way to reverse the direction of the spin, because I was worried I might not be able to, but you simply twist the O-ring and put it on the white shaft backwards!  Brilliant!

So I haven’t actually used it for spinning yet, I am a little worried to try that without the foot pedal, so I am going to wait for that to arrive first.  But, yay!

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